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Extra Arranged Flowers


A little funky, a lot of fresh … our arranged flower design featuring seasonal blooms is bound to add a smidge of joy to wherever these blooms call home.

bonus … our arrangements come with a sleek vase that you can repurpose in your home OR trade it in for some BONUS BLOOMS on your next purchase.

fits best with: a large surface area like a countertop


What Color Design Am I Ordering?

Our color pallets give us the flexibility to design seasonally within that color range so that we can deliver unique, premium-quality blooms and limit the amount of perishable waste seen in your typical floral shop.

While our selection vary by seasonality and availability – you can count on our flower deliveries in the Kansas City area to be made with the finest selection and of course, wrapped with ❤. 

Bright + Cheery

Vibrant, cheery seasonal colors.

Soft + Neutral

Elegant, neutral colors.

Moody + Rich

Rich jewel toned, and sultry creams.

Surprise Me!

Tell us the occasion, we'll surprise you!

Flower Love + Care

We recommend placing your blooms in a cool, indoor spot – out of direct sunlight. Change the water often and give the stems a fresh snip when you do. Consider working your way down into a smaller vase or vessel to enjoy your blooms even longer.

Will my design look like the sample picture?

Not exactly. While we cannot guarantee the exact color or what the exact flower combinations will be, we do guarantee that you or your recipient will love this fresh, colorful, and beautiful piece!

We ship the freshest, highest quality stems that we can source. Because we work with seasonal blooms it may mean we need to make a substitution for color and/or type of flower pictured.